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James Bible Study Audio – Noise When Streaming?

Article posted on Tuesday, February, 14th, 2012 at 9:34 AM

Have You Heard? GraphicWhen you have listened to FPC Ladies’ Bible Study audio streaming from fpckosciusko.org, did you hear an odd noise in the background? Some have described it as a “low chirping” and an “odd barking” kind of noise. This noise has only been heard when someone clicks the Play button at the bottom of each week’s Bible Study Audio post on the Web site. If you’ve heard this noise, been annoyed by it, and wished someone would fix it, thank Lynda Temple for bringing it to my attention. She reports that both Angie Holman and Teresa Paton have heard the mystery noise and, yes, found it difficult to listen to the study audio because of it. Well, I have good news!

Now that I have heard the noise, I have an idea why it might be happening and some steps to investigate and hopefully fix it. In the meantime, there is an alternative for those of you who have been affected by this malady. You can Download the audio to your computer or handheld device and play it without being on the fpckosciusko.org site. How? Simply find the “Download” link after the play button in the audio player section at the bottom of the week’s study post. Then point to it and right-click on it, then name, and save the file. If you would like more detailed instructions, click HERE to open  a document that you may read and print if necessary explaining, in detail, how to do this.