Set Up Your RSS News Feed

If you already know what RSS is all about and just want to know our RSS news feed’s address, look just underneath this paragraph and use the address given to subscribe to our content. If you want to learn about RSS and how it can help make your Internet-browsing life easier, skip down to What is an “RSS news feed” and why should I care?

Our RSS News Feed Address:

What is an “RSS news feed” and why should I care?

An RSS (Rich Site Summary) news feed is a technology that allows you to sit back and wait for Web site changes to come to you instead of your having to constantly go back and check the site to see if anything has changed. Sound good? Well, we’ve syndicated our site’s postings so that can publish new content and “push” it out to your RSS newsreader application so that you can check your newsreader and any new posts to will show up. There are RSS readers for desktop and laptop computers as well as iPhones, Android phones, the iPad, the iPod touch, and other tablets.

So how do you subscribe to our news feed at

Many newsreader apps let you just enter a web site’s address (you would enter for our site) and it will look at the site and find any RSS feeds that happen to be present. If, however, you have to enter the actual RSS feed’s address then you would use to subscribe to our RSS news feed. That’s really all there is to it. If you run into problems or need more clarification, email me at and I will be happy to assist you.

We hope you benefit from and enjoy this way of getting the latest news, sermon postings, and reminders from First Pres with the convenience of the news coming to you instead of you have to remember to come back to our Web site to check. Of course we’re always glad to have you back!